Tuesday, February 14, 2017

When Valentines Mate

Tomorrow is Valentines Day.
Here's a few Valentine options I dug out of the Big Picture Science collection.
Some of these are older episodes from when the program was still called "Are We Alone". But they're all fascinating, fun, and free for part 15 use.

It's Science Cupid!
Love makes us feel warm and mushy, but the sweet sting of Cupid's arrow makes a compelling chemistry lesson, too. Research into animal mating and human courtship provides clues to an eternal mystery: what's the purpose of love? Learn lessons from the family values of field mice, and affectionate same-sex penguin pairs. Plus: Darwin's take on speed dating, and the science of smooching.

Sex: From Beginning to End
Hear how sex began and where it's headed: if you think your love life is mechanical now, just wait until you're cozying up to titanium skin and the latest emotion software. Plus, everything you always wanted to know about modern sex research, but were afraid to ask.

Sex and the Seti
Birds do it. Bees do it. But no one sings about how they do it. And frankly, not even Cole Porter can make bedroom behavior that involves decapitating your mate sound romantic. But the animal world abounds with bizarre sexual behavior… and it’s all perfectly normal. Find out how female spiders lure males to their doom… why dolphins are the friskiest of mammals… whether E.T. would have sex… and why sexual reproduction evolved in the first place. Also, why the marketing gurus have it all wrong: driving a Hummer or wearing Gucci won’t help you land a mate. Find out what will.

Sex: What is it Good For?
This program is about sex, and there's no way we can do this program without throwing in some joke and innuendos. We apologize for this in advance. Sex is fun, but you got to admit it's not easy. There's all that prep work.. and all for what? Well we know for what, bit still from natures point of view we ask: Sex, what is it good for? http://www.bigpicturescience.org/episodes/Sex_What_is_it_Good_For_

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