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He just wanted to listen to jazz in the kitchen...

If you are a part 15 broadcaster and haven't heard of Radio Sausalito, then you're probably living under a rock...

Radio Sausalito in California is the most successful part15 community station in history.
It's been in operation about 20 years now.
For the first five years it evolved into a network of FM transmitters, then he changed bands to become an AM broadcast.

It all began in the early months of 2000. Jonathan Westerling was about 24 years old when he quite unknowingly embarked on a spectacular venture in broadcasting. He had no intention of doing such a thing, but as fate would have it.. a little part 15 transmitter he had built as a high school project years prior reappeared from the box which he had packed it away in.. Of course it didn't get out by itself, he unpacked it, and then set up a makeshift studio in his closet, fired up the transmitter and the rest is history.


Today his station consist of 6 Rangemasters spread about the city. The station has always received very strong community support and has had several write-ups and mentions in mainstream newspapers, magazines, books, blogs and even featured on TV.

Radio Sausalito's "The Joys of Jazz" was a finalist of the annual New York Festivals "Worlds Best Radio Programs" Awards of 2015 for the category the 'Best Regularly Scheduled Music Program'

Yelp ranks Radio Sausalito at the number 2 spot for the top ten radio stations near Sausalito, which is pretty damn good for a part 15 station!

Radio Sausalito was also featured on ABC TV news (click below to watch):
December 19, 2012 – ABC 7 TV News profiles Radio Sausalito including the studio, owner, staff and show hosts.

Well let's get to some of those articles -  These are some of the best ones, so here you go, presented mostly in chronicle order are some which I've compiled in the spare of the moment, but I know there are more. I have a collection of them stashed away somewhere on one of my computers because I've been interested in his station for about ten years..

(The following are only excerpts, so Be Sure to Click the Links to read the articles in full)

The first article published about him was in the Marin Scope newspaper in early 2000, but so far I haven't been able to track that one down, so for now we'll begin in 2002, the earliest article I can find right now ..

San Francisco Chronicle - August 4, 2002 
FaceTime / Jonathan Westerling
"Radio Sausalito went on the air with a signal that reached a block or two from the box in the closet of Jonathan Westerling's studio apartment on Caledonia Street. Now in its third year, the studio has moved out of the closet and into a police storage facility... I had been in broadcasting since I was 13... It's 0.1 watt. We're talking baby monitor. We're talking your cordless phone, basically. That's how far it's going to go... We don't have DJs. If you want to be on the air you have to produce your own show. I have 19 volunteers.. We're not encumbered by money, because it all comes from me or donations from generous people. And we're not encumbered by politics. I'm very careful to keep the station small and keep it Sausalito-oriented.."

A few years later takes us to 2005, they still making the news.. they never seem to stop making the news.. 

San Francisco Chronicle - September 14, 2005 
Weaker Signals Create Stronger Community Ties
Two low-wattage radio stations boast loyal listenerships
"The biggest thing in community radio is also the smallest... One is Radio Sausalito, an all-jazz station broadcasting on 100.1 on the FM dial with less than one watt of power 24 hours a day, seven days a week... heard only inside Sausalito and on the tip of the Strawberry Peninsula in Tiburon... .. proud of being small. Radio Sausalito boasts that it is the largest network of tiny FM transmitters in the United States.., Jonathan Westerling, is so concerned that his signal doesn't reach all areas of the town that he says he'll come to someone's home to adjust the radio antenna, making Radio Sausalito the only station in the world that makes house calls..."

Well.. It appears the above article had ruffled some feathers (yeah?).. as we'll see in this next report only a month later, which marks the transition of Radio Sausalito from FM to AM..

Marin Independent Journal - October 8, 2005
Sausalito Radio Station Runs Into Trouble
Sausalito’s local jazz radio station is temporarily off the air after a commercial station in Santa Rosa complained of interference and warned it might file a federal complaint... . “The bottom line is Mr. Westerling is operating on our frequency, which is federally assigned to us.." .. ..Westerling is in the process of purchasing new equipment to become an AM station with a stronger signal. “Once the new equipment is installed and certified by the FCC, the station will be protected from future complaints,” Westerling wrote in a statement...."

From that time forth Radio Sausalito has been broadcasting its popular jazz station on AM 1610. The locations used for the stations home base and operations changed from time to time. For a while the studio was located in the old police station until it was time for it to be demolished, then on July 15, 2008, the city council adjoined voting to provide him space in the city hall building at no cost... (click images to enlarge) 
Now we jump to 2010, Radio Sausalito is celebrating it 10 year anniversary of being on the air, it's fifth year on the AM bands, and now extending it's reach with a cable TV sidechannel:..

Marin Independent Journal - April 23, 2010
Radio Sausalito Moves To Swanky New Digs and Cable
"...little noncommercial community radio station is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.. It now has a new studio and a half-dozen discreetly hidden transmitters putting out a minuscule signal that you can pick up in Southern Marin. If you're lucky.  .."We have listeners in Tiburon, but at the same time there are people in Sausalito who can't get the station.. ..the crazy thing about radio is if you crack open that microphone you have no idea if you're talking to three people or 3,000 people." .."Now that we're [also] on the television cable, I'm getting a lot more feedback. We're reaching a lot more people."...

Only a brief mention in this one two years later, but they do make the top of the list..

San Francisco Chronicle  - March 11, 2012
Bay Area's Local Radio Thriving
"What's good on Bay Area radio? Here are a few, by no means comprehensive, highlights. Radio Sausalito 1610 AM, Sausalito. What started as a little neighborhood jazz station about a decade ago grew so big it was forced off the FM band a few years ago. No matter. The volunteer-run station
still pumps the music 24 hours a day,..."

A few months pass and the station is featured again. This one is presented with an interesting Q & A type format interviewing Westerling about his part 15 station...
Don't forget to Click the Links to read the articles in full

San Francisco Chronicle  - November 23, 2012
Jonathan Westerling and Radio Sausalito
Q: Describe Radio Sausalito?
A: ...about creating a community voice where otherwise there wouldn't be one...
Q: How did you get the idea for a radio station?
A: ...I didn't plan to put Radio Sausalito on the air... When I was unpacking, there it was in a box. So I hooked it up to a computer because I wanted to hear jazz in the kitchen while I was cooking..."
Q: What did you want to be?
I wanted to be a bassoonist, and I am a bassoonist.

Ok, on into 2013, the station expands further  yet again with a new internet stream...

Marinscope - Nov 6, 2013
Radio Sausalito Begins Streaming Online
"Community produced shows like a Different Slant, Audubon’s Bay Birds, and Sausalito’s Secret History on Radio Sausalito are now available world wide thanks to a new partnership with a radio streaming service... the tiny AM signal doesn’t reach many outside of Southern Marin... includes listener-donated vinyl records and local artists.. daily entertainment calendars and tide reports... uses a system of repeaters and can be heard throughout Southern Marin at 1610 AM and in central San Rafael at 1710 AM. The station is also heard on cable channel 26"

A similar report from another source about their internet streaming addition...

RAIN News - December 2, 2013
Spotlight: Radio Sausalito
From hyperlocal to global.. ..For Radio Sausalito, a small AM station whose signal is confined mainly to southern Marin County, webcasting is less about reaching a worldwide audience than making the signal available to local listeners wherever their daily routines take them. But for anyone who tunes in, the programming is unique and deftly curated..."

This next one from 2016 is one of my favorites, which happens to also mention the very first article about his station which was published January or February of 2000 in the Marin Scope. I'm trying to track that one down. If and when I do, I'll include it in this chronology...

Marinscope - May 04, 2016
Jonathan Westerling: Maintaining Sausalito’s Community Voice
"...He hooked the transmitter up to his computer and began to broadcast 1940s big band tunes.  Little did he know that his neighbors in the senior complex next door could hear the music through open windows.  Soon everyone was talking about the new jazz radio station.  It was around this time that Marin Scope printed an article by Mark C. Anderson in his column “Mark My Words,” about this new mysterious jazz station in Sausalito.
Eventually, Jonathan was discovered and asked if he would consider creating a real local radio station.  Radio Sausalito made its first formal broadcast in March of 2000... "

Oh, my my my.. Let's not leave out a special review from one of our own.. HobbyBroadcaster.net member Dave Richards recently visited Sausalito and authored this excellent review and his observations of the station while in the area:

Community Broadcaster Profile
Radio Sausalito - 2017
By Dave Richards
".. Community involvement was a key factor in the growth and success of the station. The list of such involvements and partnerships...  ...Six Hamilton Rangemaster transmitters were used, each with their carriers synchronized, for a remarkably consistent signal throughout Sausalito, whether you are traveling along Bridgeway Promenade, or the 101 freeway, or are on one of the side streets in the many different neighborhoods in the city. An additional transmitter is kept ready as a spare to enable repairs if problems crop up..."

Also be sure to also read Dave's detailed post he made in the forum about his visit there..

Part 15 Radio Listening Expeditions - May 2017
Dave Richards
Posts: 1541
"...Yesterday, I took a trip to Sausalito to listen to Radio Sausalito on 1610AM... ...The moment I stepped off the bus at Bridgeway and Bay Street, the signal was strong on my small portable Sony SRF-59.... ..I walked up Bridgeway, which is the main street ... . The signal was quite strong with very few weak spots, until it dropped out fairly swiftly between Spring Street and Olive Street, about 0.8 miles from my starting point... ..I entered a few businesses, and was pleased to note that the signal does penetrate inside buildings, to varying degrees,.. ..also walked up into one of the residential districts in the hills and heard a good signal for the approximately 1/4 ... ..didn't detect any fluttering between coverage areas of individual transmitters, or any echo in the audio, which would occur if there was a time difference between audio reaching different transmitters..." 

Here's a few more mentions.. I'm just throwing these out although they're not actually about the station itself, but rather about some of Radio Sausalito's host or guest. But they do mention the station... Quite a few of these around, but here are just a few....

Salon Today - July 24, 2013
Mitchell Field Celebrates 50 Years in Salon Industry!
"Mitchell Field's long career as a hair stylist could serve as a timeline of popular culture... He also produces and hosts "The Field Trip," a weekly arts and entertainment interview show, broadcast on Radio Sausalito..."

Marin Scope - Dec 24, 2014
Local radio documentary discovers the unnoticed 
Sausalito’s quirks chronicled in new investigative show
"Molly Cox, producer of Radio Sausalito’s newest program “Dock of the Bay: Stories of Sausalito,” has chronicled the city and its unique inhabitants in an audio documentary now airing on the station... ..Cox began a year-long project to capture stories about Sausalito and its populace... she came to realize the exceptional qualities of the town...“I had a preconception of the town and I never thought of it as a destination or a place,” she said. “Then, when I spent more time in Sausalito, I realized how many different types of really extraordinary people live in town....”

iUniverse - March 12, 2013
Author Leda Sanford-The Mother of Reinvention
"..award winning author of “Pure Moxie” and the Mother of Reinvention, Leda, Leda Sanford.. and what a fascinating lady.. ..the first female publisher and editor-in-chief of a national consumer magazine, American Home; through her 40 years in senior positions in magazine publishing,.. That said iUniverse leaves the last words to the lady herself, on Radio Sausalito’s A Different Slant Interview with Leda Sanford and what the critics say..."

Hardcover/Paperback - Published Nov. 11, 2011
Harold Jones: The Singer's Drummer
"About the Authors - Joe Argo.. moved to the bay area in 1994, and later retired.. now devotes most of his working time to music.. working the Montery Jazz Festival as Music Director for Radio Sausalito..."

Marinscope - Feb 15, 2012
Letters: Valentine for Radio Sausalito
"I was listening to Radio Sausalito when Frank Sinatra came on and I remembered living in the 1950s on a lonely sheep ranch in the heart of Tasmania. There I was introduced to an American man who changed my life through songs and music. I was never alone again with Mr. Frank Sinatra... ..Thank you, Radio Sausalito, for keeping our memories alive!"

Marinscope - March 7, 2012
Clinton Speaks to Sausalito Village
"..In his fourth year as president, Clinton is producing a series of “Secret Sausalito History” spots for Radio Sausalito... Larry Clinton, president of the Sausalito Historical Society, will share little-known stories of Sausalito’s colorful past..."

Haahhhh!... That last one caught your attention for a second didn't it!
Ok, let's end this with only a couple examples of some of the many special events which Radio Saulsalito has participated in:

Sausalito Police Department - October 1st, 2011
"...The Disaster Preparedness Awareness Day event is being conducted by the City of Sausalito’s Disaster Preparedness Committee along with the Sausalito Police Department, Southern Marin Fire Protection District, and several other organizations such as the Sausalito Volunteers in Public Safety (VIPS), the Southern Marin Citizen Emergency Response Team (CERT), and Radio Sausalito 1610 AM..."

Floating Times- May 28, 2017
Peace Love and Support for the Varda Mosaic
"The famed Sausalito artist Jean Varda would have been right at home in Marinship Park last Sunday, as he and the Summer of Love were both celebrated with music of the ‘60s, dancing in the sunshine, art, libations, and a huge human peace sign. The good times rolled as The Sausalito Foundation launched their campaign to restore the splendid Varda mosaic that anchors the southwest corner of the park... ..Jonathan Westerling of Radio Sausalito took the crowd on a trip through the great rock ‘n’ roll hits of the 1960s. Sounds of the musical icons of 50 years ago—The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, and more—brought many hippie-clad dancers to their feet..."

Marin Mommys - December 2018
Sausalito's Fireworks Extravaganza
"Sausalito's Fireworks Extravaganza takes place at Gabrielson Park from 6:30–9:30 pm. ..This year, the display is set to music—tune in to Radio Sausalito at 1610 AM or Comcast Cable channel 30 during the show.."

January 26, 2011(?)
Taste of Vinadel Mar  Event Poster:
- Saturday, April 8, 2017
"Join us in a celebration of Sausalito’s renowned Marinship’s 75th Anniversary!... Dance to the music of the Big Bands with J Jonathan Westerling of Radio Sausalito. Benefiting...."

Examples of city and organizations that make special mention of his station...

Radio Sausalito
"....broadcasts local music, entertainment, information and news for southern Marin County communities and maritime vessels within range... .. offering local communities up-beat jazz music, an outlet for local announcements and special entertainment provided by talented local citizens. .. .. up-to-date with news and personalized announcements. The station operates on Apple Computers.. ..operates through volunteers and offers low-cost or free public service announcements for local area organizations.. ..also offers fun-filled contests, an outlet for local writers to have their original short stories read and.. offers airtime to qualified citizens or events..."

Radio Sausalito 
Important Note:  Radio Sausalito is the emergency broadcast information source for Sausalito.  In the event of a major earthquake or other disaster, city officials and the Police and Fire Departments will use Radio Sausalito to share important information with residents.
Radio Sausalito and its “foot stompin’ jazz” on AM 1610 is ..one of those special mirrors of the city’s character that may surprise outsiders but makes perfect sense to the residents...  ..he soon drew the attention of City government. Instead of hassling him for fees and licenses, the City hailed him .. How does one tenth of a watt reach much of Sausalito and points nearby?  A series of “repeaters” scattered through the valleys of Sausalito and in the Houseboat Community (plus one on the western side of Belvedere) mimic the music “over the hill” instead of having to broadcast from one massive tower..

Sausalito Historical Society - Feb. 3, 2013
Sausalito's Secret History
"Radio Sausalito 1610AM offers a monthly program, "Sausalito's Secret History" by the Historical Society... Join host Larry Clinton for colorful glimpses into
Sausalito’s Secret History..."

Sausalito Tsunami Brochure/Guide (pdf)
"..Questions or want more information?
Sausalito Police Department- 415-289-4170
Sausalito Emergency Hot Line- 415-289-4151
Sausalito City Hall- 415-289-4100
Southern Marin Fire Protection District- 415-388-8182
Sausalito Disaster Preparedness Emergency Operations Program- 415-289-4172 Sausalito’s Emergency Services Manager- 415-289-4171
1610 AM Radio Sausalito - Sausalito’s Emergency Broadcast system..."

All these published articles and mentions of Radio Sausalito doesn't even scratch the surface of the recognition which Radio Sausalito has received, but it's certainly enough to get a feel of what a part 15 AM Community station should strive for, and could be.
Congratulations to Jonathan Westerling. He's accomplished more with his part 15 station than all us part 15 broadcasters put together. We should all be inspired by him.

Jonathan Westerling and his Jag
Photo : Rashad Sisemore, The Chronicle.
All other photos used in this post is credited in their accompanying article links.

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Sausalito, California 1610 AM
• San Rafael, California 1710 AM
• Marin, California Comcast cable channel 26 via SAP,
and as background audio on community cable channels 26 and 27.
Live Stream :
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Sunday, December 16, 2018

15 Months of Part 15

Jim joined the ALPB (a part 15 focused organization/forum) and made his very first post in late December of 2016. He explained he was a "total newbie" to part 15 and had just ordered an SSTran AMT5000 which he was anxiously awaiting for to arrive...

Unfortunately this was around the same time SSTran had began having difficulty with fulfilling orders... February came, and he was still waiting for it. That must have been extremely frustrating, especially for someone new to the hobby. So the hold up on receiving his transmitter caused a couple months of delay before he could get his Part 15 hobby underway, but his transmitter finally arrived and he at last was able to move forward with creating his station, and he did...

Soon after he made a post about his new station on his Facebook Antique Radio page:

"A small part of my Zenith Transoceanic collection"
"Antique-Radio-Show  UPDATE:
The transmitter is built, up and running , HBR-Radio 1610 AM!. The antenna is up and ground-mounted (as per FCC Part15.219).

I installed (20) 30ft. long radials in a star matrix going back to the 6ft. diameter copper ground ring at the base of the antenna, to which each radial is soldered.. However performance and range increased so significantly when I went from (10) to (20) radials that I have decided to add at least 10 more radials if my back holds out ;-) .

For those who are unaware, AM Broadcast mainly propagates its signal through the ground, not the air which is why these radials are so critical to the station's performance. Currently the station's programming consists of OTR (Old Tyme Radio), multiple PSAs (Public Service Announcements) requested and provided by our local township, and one talk/interview program called LPH, which is the Low Power Hour and is all about the phenomenon of legal, unlicensed , low-power radio broadcasting.
The programming is automated and running on Zara. As things mature the programming will have much more variety once I have the technical side nailed down. One such program will be an interview program where I will interview the "experts' in the field of repairing/restoring antique radio. In addition there are MANY programs that have been offered to the Low Power Broadcasting community royalty-free. SO, technically I am still in the midst of station tweaks! Most likely the final step will be to add Internet Streaming so the station's reach will be world-wide. Thank you everyone for your patience!"

As promising as his Facebook posting sounded, his postings in at the ALPB wasn't as enthusiastic, he expressed that the transmitter install wasn't really going as well as he hoped. Although he had a lot of experience with electronics, due in part to his avid love of restoring numerous vintage radios, he just couldn't get the AMT5000 to perform to expectations. Even with an extensive install of numerous ground radials the range was proving unsatisfactory. He finally decided the transmitter just wasn't going to be sufficient for his objectives. So after further discussions and considerations about upgrading to a Rangemaster or a Procaster, he decided to go with the Procaster, presumably due to it's on-board processing, though I don't really know.

His Procaster didn't take long to arrive, and on June 1, 2017 he took down the SStran and installed the Procaster:
"...I had not even tuned it yet but it sounded great all over my 5 acres of property. I then took a test drive and I could at least hear the signal at several locations a mile away, and the range of good coverage was about 50% more than the best I did with the AMT-5000..."

Thus forth he continued to update the forum with progress reports and details of the install. The procaster was installed at about 12 feet high on a fiberglass mast and employed the ground radial system which he had previously installed. Per someones suggestion he also added an additional radial from the ground rod under the Procaster and attached it to his well pipe which ran "300 - 400 feet deep", resulting in "a 5-10% improvement to the Procaster's reach"

"..Anyway the coverage is good. I am extremely pleased with the Procaster and wonder why I could not get such results with the AMT-5000."
However, he also expressed dissapointment that his range seemed to all but dissapear every night after about 6pm. I guess he didn't realize that's almost always the case with any part 15 AM install.

I felt that he was making a mistake with the location of his transmitter, and expressed that he should move the transmitter closer to the desired coverage area and then feed the audio via internet since his property was almost a mile away from the area he wanted to cover, but understandably he wished it to be on his own property, so that's where it remained, and perhaps due in part to the wide open surroundings; it proved to be a success..

He posted this video on youtube of a drone filmed fly over of his location and install which I find a little awkward to watch, but here are a few screen grabs  (click them to enlarge) from the video that show his install and also the area in the distance it was intended to serve:

"This is the Procaster with the ground radial system visible. The audio cable is lashed to the strand which is attached to a sturdy Oak tree behind the transmitter, and the second floor studio. And yes, those distant communities visible, we reach them just fine!"

There may (or may not) be a question of the install actually being in compliance using all those masively long ground radials (the rules don't specifically address the issue) which certainly contributed to his stations reach, but his claim of about a mile range is considered to be consistent within the legal capabilities of 15.219. I guess it's debatable.  Jim's own attitude on the matter is expressed in one of his post:
"..Being out in the boonies, I find it very hard to imagine a visit from the FCC, unless someone filed a complaint, which is even harder to imagine since there are no other stations I could possibly interfere with. My setup is legal based on my understanding of the rules, but if the FCC came out and told me I had to change something, I'd change it."

Anyway, his new station was beginning to receive strong local support. The City of Honeybrooks official website even added mention of his station on their "About" page:

Radio:  HBR radio, 1610 am, provides announcements and other items of local interest.

However there were still some areas of the city which the signal was not reaching, so he had lunch with the city Chairman of the board on July 13, 2017 plans were discussed to install a second Procaster at the citys expense and provide internet stream to feed it. - Other than for that purpose, Jim really didn't have any particular interest in streaming. At one point, when someone in the forum had advised him he should expand his footprint with a streaming station he replied:
"Why?... ..in fact am not interested in tailoring my programming to seek a world wide audience.  If anything I'd like to make it even more local, providing local weather, farm reports, crop prices, etc..".

He didn't air any music, his wasn't that kind of station. He had specific objectives which he expressed quite cleary in another post:

"I started my Part 15 station for reasons similar to why I started a BBS in the early 80s, to make available to the world information that I felt was important to everyone. The BBS expanded to multiple BBS nets beyond  FidoNet, to multiple phone lines, and soon had an international audience.  Later I made it telnet accessible. That part did not go so well.  My subscribers paid me $65/year in the 80s and 90s and felt they were getting value, but when the Internet folks came in via Telnet all
I heard was "Information should be free!" Well tell that to the AP, Reuters, and UPI among others who I paid for daily news feeds. Those services and others were not willing to work for free and I don't blame them. That was the beginning of the end for my BBS.

Now I am embarking on a similar path with the radio station. I have a select group of programming which I believe is important to get heard, but I am approaching the point of doing interview programming myself. With this I hope to expand the effort."
Just of note, he was also a guest announcer on one of the Stuph Files episodes (as too as a few other part 15 broadcasters had been, myself included).

Stuph Files #0412:
This week’s opening slate is presented by, Jim Henry, owner of a Part-15 radio station, HBR Radio 1610, in Honey Brook Township, Pennsylvania, which is also a new home for The Stuph File Program.


I'm not sure if the planned additional Procaster install ever occurred, it was around then that I had kind of disappeared from the internet for a few months (a common occurrence with me) so I kind of lost track of what happened next. But the other night while trying to backtrack, I didn't find it while quickly browsing through his over 1,000 post there, but was surprised to find that in my absence a change of structure had occurred and Jim had been elected as the new Chairman of ALPB early in May of this year... His last post was as Chairman was on August 31, then he inexplicably disappeared..

No one knew what he happened or where able to get in contact with him.. Until last week when it was discovered he had died on October 10th.

The city of Honey Brook website posted the following announcement:

Condolences to the Family of James “Jim” Henry

It is with great sadness that the Board of Supervisors announces the passing of Honey Brook Township resident Jim Henry.  Mr. Henry operated HBR radio and had an interest in the historic sites of Honey Brook Township.  He was also a member of the Honey Brook Fire Police.  Visitation (10:00 am) and funeral service (12:00 noon) will be held on Friday, October 19 at the Donohue Funeral Home, 43 West Lancaster Avenue, Downingtown.  Click here to read Jim’s obituary.


So what's so special about this guy? What makes this part 15 broadcaster of particular note that I should post about him? Because he died?.. Well, No that's not it, at least not in itself. Personally, I only vaguely knew the guy, but I had followed his progress from the start, conversed some in the forum with him, and gradually began to envy him a little...

He actually did something notable with his part 15 station, which is more than I can say for my own and some of the other part 15 stations I know of.. I don't really mean that in a negative way, Part 15 is an enjoyable hobby in itself, and I speculate that the majority of us hobbyist really do it more for our own satisfaction, not really in the sense of a community service. Public broadcasting requires an audience of more than just one or a few to be any kind of real community service, and Jim accomplished all that. His part 15 station served his community and lasted 15 months, until he took it with him when he left. (actually it was a few months longer, his last post as a regular member was May 4, which is how I had calculated the 15 months)

In a way I think his ALPB avatar shows where he's at now..

ALPB Profile:
Username: jimhenry2000
Last Online: May 4, 2018 at 2:32pm
Latest Status: I'm awake! for now
Birthday: August 5
Gender: Male
Posts: 1,060
Date Registered: Dec 20, 2016 at 10:59pm

He accomplished more in the 15 months of being a part 15 broadcastera than I have in 15 years.
RIP Jim Henry. November 1, 1952-October 10th, 2018


I also wish to mention another part 15 broadcaster who I admired that had passed several years ago, but we only discovered it last week from information provided by Bill DeFelice  in this HobbyBroadcaster post: Remembering Ermi Roos
He had died on May 25, 2015.

My forum response to hearing this news was as follows:

I'm sorry to hear that.. always enjoyed his views and expertise. I noticed that he had disappeared from the forums and inquired about it here in the What became of Ermi Roos thread December before last. I kind of already suspected that he had passed.

It was actually his research into the history of part 15 that was the primary catalyst which influenced me to pick up where he left off, I would have loved to have heard his views concerning those part 15 events of the early 1970s. I've already missed his participations here and elsewhere for awhile now. He was very knowledgeable and had a way of discussing technical matters in a way that anybody could instantly comprehend subjects which might otherwise be over their head.