Thursday, December 31, 2015

Dreaming of Radio Signals

 I suspect some of us at one time or another have fantasized about having a way to actually see where and what direction our tiny transmission signals travel..
 I've even had a dream one night that I could see the signals fluttering about. It assisted me greatly in installing my transmitters in the precise spots and positions, and I almost had the signal optimized perfectly for the area I was aiming to cover before I woke up...

And then recently, in the real world, for a moment, just a moment.. I thought maybe that dream was go to be a reality when I saw this thing..

It's a fairly new $3 app, currently only available for Ipads or Iphones, but coming to Android soon.
It's called "Architecture of Radio", and what you do is point your tablet in whatever direction - and you'll be able to see how the radio waves are being emitted in that area..

Only you cant.

It combines a vast collection of existing databases with GPS positioning to create a visual representation of what the signals might look like in the area you point your ipad.

So, it ain't for real. Nevertheless, it's still a pretty neat creation!
It's cool.

But wait... upon further reading I notice it doesn't even bother to use actual radio stations data at all! It does utilize databases of literally millions of cell towers, wi-fi routers, and satellites to create the visual representations it presents.. but no actual radio stations??

The app is called "Architecture of Radio" huh?

It's more useful to dream.