Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Free Sounds at freesound

Here's another source for all kinds of free music jingles, and sound effects like cheers, applauds, birds, ocean waves, traffic sounds, stormy weather, or most anything else you can imagine.  All the audio snippets, samples, recordings, etc. are released under Creative Commons licenses that allow their reuse.  It's free to join, and free to download any number of music and effects audio to use on your station -- providing that you adhere to whichever licensing the particular file carries..
A brief overview of each type of license is explained on their help page, and also provides links to the Creative Commons site which goes more in-depth...
"..We aren't lawyers so this isn't legal advice, but here's our summary: for the "zero" license you can do pretty much what you want with the sound. You could even sell the sound, ... but you can't claim you are the author! For "attribution" you should always mention the original creators of the sounds when you use them. "Noncommercial" works like attribution, but you can't earn any money with the piece of work you create! As with all licenses the original creator can give you permission to use the sound outside of the original license...
..an additional license called Sampling+: Our interpretation of this license: you can do pretty much what you could do with the attribution noncommercial license, but additionally you can't make commercial advertisement with the sound. You can't make a track with Sampling+ samples to sell a car, for example. Sampling+ is being removed by creative commons because it's a difficult license to interpret.."

 You are also encourage to upload your own sounds for others to use..
All the details are at https://www.freesound.org