What is this?

This is the Part 15 LAB.
Title 47, Part 15 is the FCC rules which govern Local Area Broadcasting over the public airwaves.
This is the only legal method to transmit on the AM and FM bands to the public without a license. The only legal method to broadcast beyond your property is reserved specifically to the AM band under the provided alternative rule Part 15.219. Part 15 broadcasting, by it's own definition, is legal.

The Part 15 LAB is a blog which casually provides random bits of info which in one way or another have some direct relation to the part 15 broadcasting hobby, with legalities and limitations observed.
It's intended simply as a compilation of observed facts, truths, and legal capabilities of part 15, as well as a resource which is particularly focused on free tools and programming which are available.

Common uses of Part 15 broadcasting.
State Park audio tours, School stations, Camp Ground radio, Church broadcast, Disney World (does or did utilize them), Special events, Car Lots info, Outdoor movies, and Community Radio Stations.

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