Sunday, February 14, 2016

Shhhh..? Don't be quiet!

Silence may  golden, but not when it comes to your radio broadcast.
Few of us can be constantly present in the studio during all hours of operation; that's why we have automation software, but what happens if something goes wrong with the automation, and the music.. dies?..
That's no good, no one tunes in to listen to silence. addressed this issue, and have provided free of charge to anyone, including broadcasters, a free lightweight software solution. Just 1mb in size, the Pira CZ Silence Detector monitors your audio and takes the appropriate action to remedy any prolonged silence, should it occur.
You set it to responded to a predetermined amount of time of silence, and select from the options to: play a backup mp3, load up another application or different program to play content, reboot Windows, email or text you an alert, even actually attach a screenshot of what's going on, and more.

Pira CZ Silence Detector is a freeware application which guards presence of audio signal on recording line of PC sound card. If no sound is present for a specified time, pre-defined tasks are executed. This application is a perfect tool for any radio station where continuous audio is important. It's free also for commercial stations.
Even if your broadcast automation system crashes or your radio link gets out, the Pira CZ Silence Detector will make the steps to repair it, switch to backup audio source and inform executive person. Don't be afraid of hours of silence anymore!
Yes, in case you missed it, it's completely free! Simple and easy to use. Get yours now!

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