Monday, February 1, 2016

Part 15 FM rocks a little too

Personally, I'm not particularly enthused about Part 15 FM broadcasting.. Well, at least not as far a public broadcasting goes, because there's just no way to legally achieve any usable range for such a venture.

But it does have it's uses. I do have a CCrane Part 15 FM transmitter, which I use casually for various purposes (I've used it to broadcast audio to radios for outdoor drive-in movie type setups, and experimented with it along with a receiver as a STL to for 12v battery powered Rangemaster AM transmitter.
The CCrane does sound and work great as long as your within the confines of your house or yard, but beyond that the signal is lost.

Tonight I stumbled across a well done video by a knowledgeable young kid who shows you step-by-step how to build a tiny FM transmitter using some basic parts from your local Radio Shack store.

Upon completion he demonstrates the quality by utilizing a hand held radio and walking around and outside his house as a field test with excellent results.

The sound quality and range (based on the demonstration in the video) was comparable to that of my CCrane transmitter, but for a fraction of the price.

Check it out!;


  1. I ran across your article about ZaraRadio. We use it. Could you tell me where the log of all played events would be found?

  2. Well.. don't know why you didn't post this question in that post, but to answer your question; To find where your log files are saved, go to "Options" and select "Logs", and it will show which folder your logs are saved in


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