Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Free Legal Flea for your website

Download transparent 
version for white page
I don't think I've ever mentioned the "Legal Flea" always appearing on the right of this blog. I created the little emblem about 5 years ago and offered it for use to members of both the primary part15 sites.
( and
I noticed several have made use of it, and still do..

Actually, the animated one at right was an alternative version, the one shown at left was the original one (it looks good on a white page).
Download night version
Someone had later emailed me and requested a black background to go along with the design of his website (can't recall who it was now, .. apologies dude!), so I made him one and inserted a moon instead of the sun... Then thought it would be neat to take that one and combine it with the original to create the animated one, which I now use on this blog.

Then KRocks a member at the hobbybroadcaster,net forum said:
I know the power levels for Part 15 are flea sized....but is there a larger power size of that graphic?

And I, been dimwitted as I am sometimes, had no idea what he meant, until another member pointed out to me that he was asking for a larger size, so I re-created it in a higher resolution 8" extra large printable version (available below).

So anyway, the offer still stands: If anyone would like to utilize this Part15 compliant flea on their own stations website, feel free to do so. I only ask that you let me know, and perhaps provide a link back to this blog, but neither is required.

Download any or all versions/sizes you want to on this page to use.

Download 24hour (animated) version

Download medium size version

Download extra large printable version

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