Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Mmm Mmm Good Transmitter

Thought this was cute. For those of you who feel at home with a soldering iron, then this might be a fun project for you. It's a "HI-FI AM transmitter" constructed in a 2010 Campbell's Tomato Soup can with built-in power supply.

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"..The control knob on the right sets the bias voltage at suppressor grid G3 to control the output carrier amplitude. A little red 12V incandescent bulb just above the knob serves as knob marker and indicates that the transmitter is "ON THE AIR". The standard mini phone jack on the right connects directly to a CD player or MP3 player. A sub-mini jack is needed for the smallest MP3 players, and RCA or DIN plugs are best to connect to home stereo gear. The power switch is directly above the white power cord. The removable 3 foot rod antenna is held on the left with RCA jacks. The upper jack delivers the modulated RF, and the lower jack is just a support.."

I'm not sure if this transmitter as designed actually meets part 15 specifications or not, but if not, I'm sure it's modifiable. Anyway, check out the complete plans which includes very thoroughly described notes and more pictures at:

In my very late teens I was quite adapt with electronics, was even a bit of a wiz in reading complex schematics, and if were 1979 I would jump right in and build this.. But the expertise of my electronics nowadays is limited to plugging in the coffee pot. As they say "use it or lose it". But who knows, it looks fun...

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