Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Couple More Cool Free Gadgets

As you've probably noticed by now, I tend to focus a lot on freeware offerings, and although an apparent disdain exist for the Windows operating system, which is essentially the only one I use, here's a couple more of the same...

This first one is an offering from the UK based website RadioTools. besides sporting a handsome clock interface it also is acts a functional indicator display for any number of alerts you decide to implement into it (examples described below).
In my opinion, this would be best used wall mounted, maybe dedicate an old pc you might have laying around for it.. Of course I there's nothing wrong with it being used on the same pc as your automation operates on (I assume most do) and maximizing its widow when you're not on the pc.
Studio Clock for Windows
A studio clock application for use around your station including a customisable logo, studio name, station strapline or RadioText banners, automatic status indicators for silence and overload which can be triggered from the PC sound card and many other on-screen alerts and alarms (such as telephone, door, Major News Story and RDS Traffic active) which can be set and reset via a network connection. The screen includes an updatable text field that can be used to show the station's RadioText or "now playing" details and various other indicators that were originally designed for our in-house broadcast management platform. This application can be used with both traditional 4:3 monitors (1024x768 screen resolution) and widescreen 16:9 monitors (1280x768) by changing a setting in the configuration file and can run as a "stand-alone" clock or as part of a management platform. We recommend installing TimeSyncTool on the same PC rather than Windows built in network time client, to ensure the exact time is always maintained.
Get your for free now:

Another free studio gadget:
I happen to like analog VU meters - particularly those having vintage appearance, there are numerous vst plugin offering this which are more attractive, but this one functions as a stand alone, run on even the oldest Windows pc, non buggy and doesn't use up resources. It's pretty basic, function accurately. I can't give comparison since this is about the only software analog meter I've ever used (from time to time) with any kind of consistency, but I always liked it and it can be useful. And of course it's free.
Softronic Review:
VUMETER is an analog audio meter old - fashioned used to visually monitor sound levels of your PC. VUMETER is an application which measures all the sounds that are occurring on the PC with what is useful regardless of the player used. The options of VUMeter three: the option "always visible", the adjustment of the sensitivity scale and the selection of the input device. To access the options you must right click on the program. This vumeter is monophonic and stereo. measure the output signals, not the input signals.

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