Monday, March 31, 2014

ZenoRadio - Free service for broadcasters

This is an interesting and hard to believe it's free service.. They will assign your station a phone number which people can dial and listen to on any telephone!
All of the following information is from their website...

ZenoRadio offers listeners a unique service and offers broadcasters and advertisers interactivity and user information not possible with conventional or sattelite radio.

Becoming a broadcaster is easy and best of all, it’s FREE!

Just send us your broadcast stream (URL or IP) and ZenoRadio will assign a dedicated phone number for your station. Users just dial and start enjoying your station's content from any phone. Now  promote the service to your listeners and sit back and enjoy your new audience.
ZenoRadio enables radio and other audio content from around the world to be heard on any phone in North America at no cost to users who have unlimited voice plans. No smart phones or data plans are needed.

Benefits of becoming a Broadcaster

  • Free dedicated phone number for your station
  • No computer or smartphone required
  • See real time detailed statistics about your listeners
  • Have the ability to reach out to your audience
  • Marketing and support team to help you grow your radio station
No more estimating, and no more guessing! ZenoRadio provides all of our broadcasters with reporting tools that will give you insight on who is calling in, when they are calling in, and which station they are listening to. We will give you real-time information and metrics on the number of listeners, calls, call duration, and peak hours. All of our reporting is a free service for broadcasters who sign up to ZenoRadio's network.

Zeno Player 
Imagine the convenience and ease of use in a  ZenoRadio web player. All your stats collected in one easy to use Web Interface.

  • 100% free
  • Cut down on stream costs
  • No limit on listeners
  • Customized welcome prompt -just like on your ZenoRadio phone player
  • We can help sell your advertising


Ohhh-kaay.. I wonder to myself; Now really, how can this be free??

A CNBC article at explains:
So how does ZenoRadio make money? 
A loophole in the Telecommunications Act of 1996, originally intended to help compensate rural carriers, allows the company to receive a few cents for every five minutes or so that a customer listens to the station. The exact amount depends on the carrier, but for the most part, it's only a few cents. But multiply that by close to a million customers—some of who listen for hours a day—and revenue starts pouring in.
...experts say changes in telecommunications technology have allowed rural carriers to turn this into a profit center by partnering with providers of services like free conference calling and radio...
"The model is pretty strong because of the regulatory loophole that they are exploiting. Without that, the business would be unsustainable,.."

But here's something I completely managed to miss on the website, as it's only mentioned twice...

"Join ZenoRadio, the fastest growing network of immigrant and niche focused content in the U.S. ZenoRadio helps expand your audience."

Well, I know what immigrant is, but wasn't sure on the define of a "niche" focused content..
So I looked it up in a dictionary:

niche noun \'nich also 'nēsh or 'nish\   
   a :  a recess in a wall especially for a statue   
   b :  something (as a sheltered or private space) that resembles a recess in a wall 
2 a :  a place, employment, status, or activity for which a person or thing is best fitted <finally found her niche> 
   b :  a habitat supplying the factors necessary for the existence of an organism or species 
   c :  the ecological role of an organism in a community especially in regard to food consumption
   d :  a specialized market

So.. Now I know what a niche is. But I still didn't know if a part 15 broadcaster who did not have an immigrant target audience could be eligible to utilize the services of ZenoRadio.
The only way to be certain was to ask, so I sent an email inquiry, clearly explaining my station and it's programing, and emphasizing that my target audience was not in any way specific to immigrants..
Their reply was brief:...
Hello Richard,

Yes, Richard your station is welcome on board. Does your website have a stream?


Incredible ain't it ! .. Check them out for yourself at

Here's a sample banner they create for you (this currently is not live)

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