Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Samson Meteor Mic

I bought a Samson used usb Meteor Mic on ebay for $27 a couple years ago and am still impressed by it.
It's small, but solid and rather heavy, all chrome, with foldable, and adjustable legs.. It's recording quality is really bold and clear. It  has a mute button and a headphone jack with adjustable volume on it - I think it's a really nice  mic in both quality performance as well as an attractive appearence.
It doesn't require any special drivers or install. Simply plug it into your usb port and in a few seconds it's ready to go. And believe it or not, it's excellent for voice over work.

Here's a picture I compiled to show what it looks like:

I had actually bought mine for use in remote locations in mind to utilize with a laptop, but to be honest I ended up mostly just use it for talking to people with google voice and things like that, but I would have no qualms against using it as a broadcast mic, providing a stand is attached to it (it does accommodate a standard 5/8″ thread mount to attach to any microphone stand.). It's own built in legs however do work great on their own, and you can securely adjust it at any angle, but they are a little short (about 6").

Listen, I don't profess to be a microphone connoisseur or expert, or even close to it, but I do have a few good xlr mics (Rode and MXLs), and will say that the inexpensive usb Meteor Mic does a wonderful job, and also has such an appealing retro look and feel!.

This isn't really a review..  I'm not technically inclined enough to provide one, I'm only expressing my own opinion and delight concerning the product. If you're interested, then google Meteor Mic review and watch some of the youtube videos concerning it.

They generally go for $70 to $80 on Amazon and at music stores, but I often see them used on ebay for half that price, sometimes even less. You might want to check them out, put the search in your watch list and keep an eye out for bargains.. Or if your not keen about gambling on used items, just buy a brand new one! it's well worth the price.

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