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Been restructuring the Free Programming page into it's own section and better categorized making it easier to find what your looking for. The categories are broken up better and also an additional section arranged by runtimes... Anyway, It's not live, it's taking me longer than I expected, plus I've got normal life on my ass, so the restructure is just not getting finalized as rapidly as I thought it would.

But, it just occurred to me that other than posting a couple links on the forums there is no link here in the lab.. So here is a very recent and spectacular program that was supposed to be posted weeks ago...

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This first featured selection under our 'Talk and Entertainment' category was granted and added on December 25, 2018. What better time to receive a gift! It is one of my favorites. It's a very unique and entertaining offering.
The Radio8Ball Show has a fun premise; We have the host, a musical guest, and a one question... What that question is, might come from a phone-in caller, or someone visiting right there in the studio..

The answer to the question is revealed through the assistance of synchronicity, via a spin of the wheel, flip of a coin, or the turn of a card..

That determines the song the musical guest performs live, usually acoustically, right there in the studio as the answer to the question which was asked.

Discussion ensue on how that synchronicity-selected song related to the question which had been asked.

There are also several special tribute episodes to famous old school artist like Joni Michell, Tom Petty, Harry Nilsson and The Posies.

The show always begins with the same theme song (written by Andras Jones), with each musical guest performing there own version so it always sounds different.

Here's a sample of one version (from the Nilsson tribute) which I particularly like, there's another that I thought kind of sounds like the Beatles, and plenty of other cool renditions of it...
The lyrics explain the show: 


I'll have more to say about this show in my blog, but for now let's move on to airing it on your own stations.. After several communications with Andras Jones (Pronounced On-Dross Joe-n's) the creator and host of Radio8Ball, concerning making the show freely available to broadcast, he ultimately granted the rights with only the following stipulations:

"...I'm totally down (with these provisions):
1. Stations can download the podcasts without my help
2. Stations get in touch with me before they start broadcasting the shows and keep me informed about changes to the broadcast schedule
3. I'd like to approve the language and artwork on our listing before it goes live
4. Note: The podcast is rated "explicit" due to the occassional shit or fuck but most of the shows are FCC clean.

It took me a little time to get my head around what you're doing but now that I get it (I hope) I think it's very cool and am honored to be invited.

Andras Jones"

*Allow me to mention here that I've already listened to a good number of the episodes and as of yet have not noticed any use of explicit language, but you'll have to take it upon yourself to give an episode prior review before airing. I have more to say about this show but that will be in one of my blog post. For now, here's a text copy overview history of the Radio8Ball show: 

Below is from a text copy describing Radio8Ball as provided by the creator and host of the show. Don't forget you can click any of the images to get a closer look.
RADIO8BALL: Questions Answered. Answers Questioned.

Radio8Ball is a musical divination format created by Andras Jones in which questions are answered by picking songs at random and interpreting the musical synchronicity of the experience. Currently, Radio8Ball is a daily podcast distributed by Starburns Audio and hosted by Andras Jones. Radio8Ball features live songwriters lik Inara George, Allen Toussaint, Jon Auer, Myra Flynn, The Essex Green, Mary Lou Lord performing and interpreting their songs as the "Pop Oracle" answers to questions from celebrity guests like John Trudell,  John C. Reilly, Tig Notaro, Patricia Arquette, Rae Dawn Chong & Viggo Mortensen.

Radio8Ball began on the airwaves at KAOS FM at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington where the dream seminars led by his father, Richard M. Jones, formed the philosophical underpinnings of what would become his son's creation. Radio8Ball ran on KAOS from 1998 to 2008 at which point events took place at the station which are detailed in Andras' book
"Accidental Initiations: In The Kabbalistic Tree of Olympia" from Sync Book Press, that changed the trajectory of the evolution of the format. What followed was 5 years of live theatrical productions of Radio8Ball in Boston, Seattle, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Joshua Tree and Olympia and eventually, what we consider to be its natural home, as a daily podcast.

There is a Radio8Ball app which, as of this writing, is only available to Android users. Coming soon to iTunes. The R8B app welcomes listeners to ask a question and shake their phone which generates a randomly chosen song from the over 1800 tracks recorded over the history of Radio8Ball. These include famous folks and wonderful unknowns, as well as Andras Jones's own music (which falls somewhere between these two poles). The app also features the daily podcast and allows listeners to shuffle through the entire catalog. It's free. We invite you to give it a shake.
Visit Radio8Ball at:
 To include the RadioBall Show in your programming contact Andras Jones at:

(This program is also listed under our MUSIC SOURCES category)

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