Sunday, January 22, 2017

To nap, or Not to nap. There in the studio..

If you happen to have a mind to spare, here's a unique and fascinating form of promotion you could use on your part 15 station. I'd bet you'd have people tuning in who never considered bothering to before.
It's legal, could be life changing, but I'm not seriously suggesting it...

It's from a fascinating post over at Arcane Radio Trivia;

It's about DJ Peter Tripp host of "Your Hits of the Week" who in Jan. 1959 hosted an on air in the studio 'Wake-A-Thon' for the American March of Dimes. He stayed constantly awake and on air for 201 hours straight. He stayed on the air, but behind the scenes things were getting ugly, and he experienced permanent personality changes.

Read the whole story here:

Me, I'm more inclined to go to sleep.

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