Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Part 15 KCHUNG featured on Radio Survivor podcast

Radio Survivor posted a new podcast today, in which they focus on a part 15 AM station that has been around awhile, and many of us already know, or have at least heard of.. KCHUNG.

Radio Survivor's general focus is usually more of a resource for licensed broadcasters, with discussions and pointers on improving those operations.. However, in the case of this podcast, they dedicated the first 35 minutes of the program specifically to the Part 15 operations of KCHUNG radio;
In this episode Radio Survivor accurately explain (briefly) the legalities and capabilities of Part 15 (and even clarify the actualities of the so called "200ft limitation rule"), with the particular focus on KCHUNG, and express both amusement and fascination concerning the stations workings and operations.
Interviews and sound clips are featured.
It is a positive presentation for Part 15 broadcasting.

Podcast #74 – Radio Anarchy vs Order
"Jennifer Waits brings us the voices of three programmers at a mysterious and chaotic community station with deep connections to the Los Angeles art scene. KCHUNG is an unlicensed part 15 AM radio station with about 40 station managers and extremely eclectic programming.
Paul Riismandel wrote a series of articles, offering strongly worded advice for struggling community radio stations. He lays out his arguments in detail on the podcast and discusses the ideas and issues with his co-hosts..."
Listen and/or download this Radio Survivor episode at:

The Radio Survivor episode doesn't actually present any of KCHUNG's programming; To listen to KCHUNG live, or to hear their archives, visit, and then click their banner to enter..

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