Thursday, March 31, 2016

FCC “Pirate” Advisory Flawed

The following is from a post by Bob Felmly  aka Mram1500 at, it is a copy of his own response to Bill. Baker of ISS in relation to an article about the FCC advisory that had been published in the Information Station Specialist news letter...


FCC “Pirate” Advisory Flawed

 The FCC has launched a campaign asking the public to turn in Pirate radio stations.  Included in their information are handy resources, which can be used to determine if a station is licensed, or not.  At least two states have enacted laws against unlicensed radio stations.

 The Association of Low Power Broadcasters is troubled by this action as license free, low power broadcasting is permitted by FCC Part 15 rules in the AM, FM, Short Wave and Long Wave frequency bands.

 Legal Part 15 stations will not appear as licensed stations in the handy resources provided.  The general public and local authorities will likely consider legal Part 15 stations as Pirate stations.
With a zero tolerance, strong-arm tactic applied by this action, legal Part 15 stations will be considered guilty without due process.  They will be subject to stress and humiliation, as they are held high as examples until the situation has been sorted out.  Defending ones self in a court of law will likely be an expensive task.

 With regard to legal Part 15 stations, the ALPB feels the FCC should first educate the general public and local authorities called upon to assist this with this enforcement action.  Hopefully this will reduce the number of legal Part 15 stations snared by the dragnet.


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