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LPH #3 Neil Radio8Z

Lately I've been rebroadcasting some of the original Low Power Hour episodes hosted by Carl Blare. Although I enjoy all Carl's shows, I have particular fondness of the ones which feature interviews with other part15 broadcasters, and here is another one of those...

A previous post had featured one of my favorites; "Car Tunes" with guest Charles Hefti, if you had'nt checked it out already, then be sure to see that previous post. But today is a summary of the episode which immediately followed that one:

Low Power Hour # 3 - Guest Neil Radio8Z
This episode which aired during Christmas Week 2010 starts off with a few email comments about the previous show and touches briefly on the subjects of home base internet servers, Ham operations, and something about a bird in the woods.. plus a little about legal unlicensed LPB in other countries. Carl Blare, the host mentions his own SStran 3000 operation, and after a few more ramblings he introduces the guest of episode 3;  Neil in Ohio.

Neil broadcast part 15 on both AM and FM. Evidently Neil's wife had been disappointed when her favorite local licensed station switched from a classical music format to all talk.. So Neil remedied her dissatisfaction by creation of a new part15 classical station, and thus, satisfied his wife. Good job Neil!
Discussion continues concerning locating crystals for a shortwave transmitter project which Carl had been working on, also a little about Neil's vintage Knight kit and the modifications he made to it. Also touched upon was the history of phono-ocilators which transmitted from a record player to a radio, these were the earliest part15 devices, and Part 15 hadn't really changed much since that time.
Neil usually utilizes the high quality SStran 3000, which he is very satisfied with, but he also makes mention of his other part15 transmitter, a Ramsey unit, which he's not too fond of due to some improper modulation characteristics he had observed, and though he attempted to compensate with some modification, he finally decided to just put it away in a drawer somewhere, but he considers them ok for experimentation.
Many part15 broadcasters are also Ham operators, and this topic is also discussed along with some of the most basic of rules concerning it, which provides a general overview of that hobby. Certain Ham broadcast have a special exemption to allow one way broadcast presentation type within a "net" structure, which Neil describes some of the details and his involvement with it.
Oddly enough the last few minutes of this episodes concludes featuring a rebroadcast of "Pirates Week" where that host had played some clips from Carl's previous Low Power Hour episode 2 "Car Tunes".. which just goes to show you I'm not the only one who found that episode to be one of my favorites!

So there you have it a recap of this episode rerun. Hear it again! Please note you must contact :The Low Power Hour for rights to rebroadcast - It's free, but you are asked to let Carl know!

Low Power Hour # 3 - Guest Neil Radio8Z

If you would like to hear more Low Power Hour episodes, or would like to air them on your own station (free!), You can contact Carl Blair via his website at or at the forums

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